This week - Richard Simmons

I’m part of a team supporting 6000 young people and adults from the UK who will be joining another 34,000 from around the world at a jamboree to celebrate Scouting’s centenary in 2007. It’s going to be awesome.

There is always something interesting on the website of the Long Now Foundation, which hopes to “creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years”. If only we could really live for the next 10,000 years, not the next 10 minutes.

Thames Town is a 1 km² development in Shanghai with “various English-style architectures”. Currently the subject of much fascination and puzzlement at CABE. We are baffled. Why …?

Architecture for Humanity is a charity that promotes architectural and design solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises. A reminder that for many people architecture is about survival.

Dave Jeffery’s comprehensive collection of TV clock screensavers. Nostalgia can be what it used to be …

Naturally. I use it a lot when I’m on the road and just need that one extra photo for a presentation.