Linda Morey Smith

A refreshing contrast to most manufacturers’ websites which are pretty dull – it's interesting, fun and you can still find the product information you need.

A well-used site in our office.

Contains all the information you would expect – contact details, times and menus – but in a clear, uncluttered, easy to use format complemented by gorgeous photographs of a chocolate and almond cake and blackberries in mascarpone … one of my favourite restaurants!

The site of this award-winning Savile Row menswear designer is simple and very cool. Under “collection” I love the way the various items, for example, the suit, shirt, tie, knitwear and cufflinks, are drawn as you watch. Also my husband’s favourite tailor.

Excellent quality, with free, fast delivery, I use Feng Sushi regularly for a quick, working lunch at my desk.