WEB WATCH — Desperate for up-to-the-minute construction news and job alerts? Then look no further – access to Building magazine’s website is completely free for the next four weeks.

There’s a chance you may be reading this article in somebody else’s Building magazine – maybe your subscription renewal is in the post. Or maybe you’re last in line to receive the office copy. Whatever the reason, don’t fret because access to www.building.co.uk is completely free from today for four weeks.

You will be able to access the last 10 years of the Building archive and get hold of Building’s toolkits on sustainability, legal matters and data. There’s also access to web exclusives such as law firm Fenwick Elliott’s case of the week.

For employers advertising vacancies there is an exciting opportunity on our jobs site this week. For a limited period, jobs listings will be free on Building4jobs. The site is designed to attract the best candidates, and advertisers can enhance their entries by using features such as company profiles, featured jobs, logos, job casts and MPU adverts. To find out more about Building’s free job listings just send an email to building4jobs@cmpi.biz

I’ll take this opportunity to highlight my favourite element of building4jobs.co.uk – the salary checker. It’s the best way to make sure that you are not being sold short by your employer. Not only does it cover dozens of job types, it also checks salaries across UK regions. Its a pity there isn’t a similar checker for construction journalists...

Breaking news stories on Building are always free (as are magazine news stories for four weeks). Last week’s top stories show the appetite for glamorous architecture with exclusive new images of Zaha Hadid’s architecture centre proving most popular.

The first hiccup in the delivery of the London Olympic Games is also being closely followed by the industry.

What’s on building’s website...

Carbon coach

Find out the biggest pollutants among construction professionals. Do QSs in Scotland have bigger carbon footprints than contractors in Cornwall? We’ve analysed results from our carbon coach survey, which you can read about on www.building.co.uk/ sustainabletoolkit.

Building TV

Find out how Sir Frank Lampl got his first break and hear Peter Rogers views on the Olympics at the unveiling of the Building’s Hall of Fame in London.

Salary checker

Environmental engineer

Average salary: £38,285

Check your salary at: www.building4jobs.co.uk

...and what you read most last week

1 First new pictures: Zaha Hadid’s architecture centre

2 Lemley reveals fears over delivery of London Olympics

3 2012 Games faces £1bn VAT bill

4 Atkins in talks to buy architect Pascall + Watson

5 Multiplex apologises for Wembley losses

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