Test your knowledge of 2007...

1 In June, Stephen Timms became the sixth construction minister in six years. What’s the correct order of his predecessors?

a Raynsford, Wilson, Griffiths, Michael, Hodge

b Raynsford, Griffiths, Wilson, Michael, Hodge

c Raynsford, Wilson, Michael, Griffiths, Hodge

2 What were non-VIP spectators at the Olympics advised to take along in March?

a Binoculars

b An umbrella

c Their own sandwiches

3 Where did the chief executives of Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow meet to hatch their merger plans?

a A suite at the Savoy

b A roadside cafe

c A public toilet

4 Who entered The Sunday Times Rich List in May at number 249 with a personal fortune of £295m, only £25m less than the Queen?

a Norman Foster

b Duncan Bannatyne

c Stef Stefanou

5 In July, who did Building reveal earned £2,500 a day?

a Sparks on T5

b The ODA’s accountant

c Stewart Milne, the best paid man in construction

6 You’re one of 50,000 teenagers on a construction training course – what are your chances of getting an apprenticeship at the end of it?

a 1 in 3

b Just over 1 in 5

c Just under 1 in 8

7 What might you have to wait more than nine months for?

a Garden fencing

b Tower cranes

c Planning approval

8 Which of the following will not be appearing on Gleeds’ new TV channel?

a Richard Steer pretending to be Jeremy Paxman

b Skywriting in Sydney

c Steve Redgrave’s psychic geranium

9 What nickname did Building’s readers give the 2012 Olympic stadium?

a The Hula Hoop

b The Vol-au-vent

c The Dog Bowl

10 How much of the energy a building will consume in its lifetime is used by the site office during construction?

a 0.042%

b 0.42%

c 4.2%