I note from last week’s issue (14 May, page 9) that you brought the QS Forum into what appears to be a growing row between the QS Professional Group within the RICS and the RICS itself. Your article asserts that the forum is set to hold “crunch talks” with RICS

As chairman of the forum, I must tell you that your information is inaccurate and it conveys the wrong message.

While member firms with the forum have not always seen eye to eye with the RICS (the RICS’ influence with the forum has reduced as member firms have grown and changed to employ many people from outside the RICS) the forum has recently agreed to work with the RICS on a wide-ranging agenda of how best to contribute to its important work.

Such agenda items will include recruiting, training, qualifying and retaining staff; the production of international standards; working with the government on policy and public affairs; best practice; and promoting and regulating QS, building surveyor and project management professionals.

Our meeting arranged for 8 July has been in our diaries for some time and the agenda certainly contains no list of grievances. We are looking forward to achieving a positive outcome. I think it’s important your readers are aware of this.

Richard Clare, chairman of EC Harris, chairman of the QS Forum