Since your article on my and two other graduates’ search for a job was published, (11 September, page 34) I have spent most of my time looking for my perfect surveying job, which I had begun to believe did not exist

Although I gained some attention from the article (in fact I am still receiving calls), the job search was painful at times and many smaller companies that I called simply laughed when I asked if they wanted to see my CV.

One of my methods was to call up RICS-accredited practices, introduce myself and ask if they were interested in looking at my CV. This is how I found my graduate role at Berkshire-based firm, Morse Consultants. Although a smaller firm than I had initially considered working for, it offers me the full APC opportunity I need.

I have started my job with my focus on a £1.5m refurbishment of a headquarters office building in London, which is something I can get my teeth in to. Would a larger company start a graduate like this? I feel I will learn more from working in a smaller team and am excited about my future for the first time since graduating.

My advice to recent graduates and the young unemployed is to persevere with the job search, be proactive and do not overlook the smaller companies. They are gaining more and more interesting work and expanding in the current economic climate – perhaps due to lower overheads and a strong focus on providing the best value for money.

Rosie Olley