The leaked email from Taylor Wimpey boss Pete Redfern to his staff caused quite a stir in the City before Christmas.

The housebuilding boss talked up the chances of a refinancing deal by the end of February - a claim backed up by  other sources in the know.

But the email was just as noteworthy for the "yoof" friendly language he used to describe the company's predicament.

In a nod to popular culture, the thirty-something boss likened Taylor Wimpey's press coverage to Hollywood pin-up Angelina Jolie.

But it seems streetwise Pete went even further in his original missive - before the company's spin doctors got hold of it, that is.

A source close to the debt talks between its lenders and the housebuilder confirmed the original pre-xmas message contained a reference to the company's yo-yoing share price.

He apparently likened the bounces to "a kangaroo on acid".

Do you think he's also told his lenders to "take a chill pill"?