Having had the unenviable experience of referring a final account dispute to a lawyer adjudicator when a quantity surveyor would clearly have been appropriate, I have to question the method of selection by adjudicator nominating bodies.
It appears to me that most of adjudications involve payments and, consequently, that the most appropriate adjudicators are quantity surveyors or civil engineers. Lawyers are very good at making submissions but they are rarely appropriate adjudicators. The only reason why lawyers have achieved a degree of prominence in adjudication is the abysmal level of legal knowledge demonstrated by so many adjudicators.

ANBs appear to have decided that they should keep a list of adjudicators from the professions but then do not appear to have a reliable method of selection. I suggest that referring parties (or their advisers) should specify the qualifications required (such as chartered quantity surveyor, FRICS) when applying to an ANB. At least you then have clear grounds for complaint if an inappropriate person is nominated.