“I am so fed up with this process.”

This was the verdict of someone involved in the fraught and never-ending Taylor Wimpey debt talks this week.

They were referring to the latest delay in signing off on a restructuring deal that has been more than six months in the making.

Pen was expected to be put to paper this month after chief executive Pete Redfern alluded to the date in a leaked pre-xmas email to staff.

Frustration is clearly setting in and the source said more urgency on the part of the accountants crunching Taylor Wimpey’s numbers would have helped.

Not that anyone is suggesting the plug will be pulled.

Providing a colourful insight into the trials and tribulations of the Taylor Wimpey rescue deal, they said: “This thing has been a War & Peace saga, it’s been so frustrating.”

There is a further set of numbers to be examined next week, which the source said should be the last hurdle – with the emphasis on “should”.

They added: “To tell you the truth this has been so numbing that I don't even know if they are monthly or weekly figures.”

It didn't come as a big shock to one City analyst, who said: “It doesn’t surprise me things are taking so long. The company is an amalgamation of a load of other companies and has pretty poor management and accounting systems.”

Perhaps a look at how the 1,500-page Tolstoy epic ends would make those involved speed things up?

By the last page most of its 580 characters are dead.