As Alice in Wonderland knew, following rabbits can lead you down a hole. But online you’re just as likely to be followed by the rabbit. Alex Smith introduces the surreal world of construction’s Twitters

Building’s news editor is being followed by a man holding a rabbit three times the size of his head. On the internet anything’s possible. And the rabbit man in question is following Sarah Richardson in the wonderful nether world of Twitter.

As Web watch regulars will know by now, Twittering is a method of writing mini-blogs on the hoof – you simply text 140 character updates using your mobile phone. As soon as you post, the whole net world can see your messages, so it’s a good way of getting news out as soon as it happens.

I received a couple of followers (that’s the people who have subscribed to your blog) right after I’d sent a Twitter message saying I’d spotted Ken Livingstone at his leaving do. This seemed to catch the attention of a few Ken watchers.

Sarah Richardson gained her followers while Twittering during the OFT’s bid-rigging investigation. One of those following Sarah was the man with a photo of himself with an oversized rabbit. She suspects the Twitters sent by the followers contain secret messages from one dodgy contractor to another, but she hasn’t been able to crack the code yet.

If none of this has put you off entering the bizarre realm of construction’s Twittering community, here are a few Twitters you might like to follow:

  • Paul Wilkinson writes on construction and sustainability, but his true passion is revealed by the fact he likes to plug the Engineering Club’s cycling night.
  • Zerochamp, aka Phil Clark (’s very own Mr Sustainability), has updates on topics ranging from an exhibition on the price of gold to the joys of making rhubarb fool.
  • LifeSansBldgs: Architectural blogger with good links to new cutting edge buildings in the US.
  • Martin Brown: Prolific blogger on sustainability and the built environment. Links through to blog containing thoughts on Egan.