How easy does the London Festival of Architecture's website – – make it for people to get involved in and find out about the activities?

The month-long London Festival of Architecture 2008 kicked off last week, so we thought we’d check out its website –– to find out just how easy it is for people to get involved in and find out about this year’s activities.

Webmaster’s verdict

Upon hitting the homepage you’re blasted with so many images your eyes don’t know where to look, but the straightforward navigation bar at the top of the page, makes browsing the site a breeze, as you know exactly where to go for what you want. The “add to my LFA” facility is brilliant, as it allows you to build your own unique London Festival of Architecture to-do list – a very Web 2.0 function.

On the other hand, dated domains names are a bad idea for any website, as it means it will lose its Google indexing the following year. The festival organisers should have registered something more generic so they could reuse it for future events.

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