Writs issued in the Technology and Construction Court

Unex Investment Properties vs Alfred McAlpine and various others
Unex Investment Properties of Setchworth, Cambridgeshire, is suing Alfred McAlpine Construction, Forum Architects, Hannah, Reed and Associates, Keith Francis Pitts and Margaret Siobhan Pitts for damages for breach of contract pursuant to deeds dated 2 November 1989 for their part in connection with the design and build of a development at 126-130 Hills Road, Cambridge.

Amey vs Interland
Amey Construction is suing Interland Contractors (Trysolid) for a debt of £276,850.64 in pursuance to an adjudicator's decision of 5 April 2001. It is also seeking to claim interest of £910.05 pursuant to section 35A of the Supreme Court Act 1981 at a rate of 8% per annum from 5 April 2001 to 20 April 2001 and thereafter at a daily rate of £60.67.