Mike Driver bends a reverential knee to a Finnish church but makes the sign of the cross before a north London office block …
My wonder is the chapel at Otaniemi Technical University in Helsinki, designed by Heikki and Kaija Siren. It is a building that is so respected that when it was destroyed by fire in 1976, popular demand insisted that the replacement was identical to the original.

This small chapel stands in a forest. You approach it through trees with earth underfoot, then you reach an informal courtyard with gravel, pass into a formal court with paving and enter the building along a flank wall. The entrance is dark and low but, as you progress, the space expands above you and then is focused on a cross, which is situated back out in the forest.

This building encapsulates everything that I enjoy about architecture. It is strong and simple and develops an idea – about man's relationship with nature – by using movement through a succession of spaces.

Archway Tower above the Archway Tube station in north London displays many of those traits that alienate people from architecture. The building is out of scale with its neighbours – it is an arrogant assertion that makes no contribution whatsoever to its surroundings.