Amanda Lamb is dazzled by the multicoloured shell of a museum of dead animals, and turned off by an extinct shopping centre

My favourite building is the Natural History Museum. It’s the most visually stunning building I’ve seen – I love the colours they used in the brickwork and the fact that every time I go past it I see something different.

I went to the dinosaur exhibition there recently and the colours in that hallway are just magnificent. I love the thought of what it must be like at night when everyone has gone and the lights are switched off, with all the stuffed animals, the dinosaurs. I remember thinking as a child that it must all come alive at night.

My least favourite is the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth. I grew up in Portsmouth and it was just such a monstrosity. That whole era of architecture in the 1960s left a lot to be desired.

I can’t bear it – those big, grey, concrete blocks.

I can see where they were trying to be clever with the spiral car parks but obviously whoever designed it had never driven a car up it – the amount of scratches and scrapes people got as they tried to get around. It was one of the first buildings you saw as you got off the M27 and didn’t really say an awful lot for Portsmouth. I drove past it a couple of weeks ago and thought, thank God for that!

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