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    Official figures show construction output falling again, but devils lurk in the detail


    Construction output slumped back into decline in the final quarter of 2009, after a supposed rise out of recession in summer. That is the headline story from today’s release of the construction output figures . But dig a bit deeper and we see some unsettling implications in the numbers. Firstly ...

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    Is an inaccurate measure of foreign workers messing up the construction data?


    Here’s a couple of graphs for stat-spotters I thought worth placing together. For some while there has been unease about both the workforce jobs figures and the repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) sector figures in the official construction output statistics. The two sets of data are linked and there's been ...

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    Optimism alive and kicking in construction


    The RICS construction survey for the third quarter of 2009 found confidence over increased workloads returning to the industry for the first time since 2008 Q1. This was despite an overall fall in workload across the industry as a whole and the fact that things would have been worse but ...

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    Growing evidence of double dip collapse for construction


    The latest round of trade survey data points to an ugly acceleration in the rate of collapse of workloads. Persistent sightings of green shoots over the late spring and summer now look to have been little more than a mirage. The construction trade survey compiled by the Construction Products Association ...

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    Look east to find some shelter from the storm


    My good friend Martin Hewes has just past me some details of the latest Hewes Associates forecast for new work construction output. It will not make for comfortable reading if you happen to be trading heavily in Yorkshire Humberside. That region is set to be ...

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    Construction boom forecast to slump


    The latest forecast from Hewes Associates is not one that will fill the faint hearted with comfort as they return to work from their Easter break. Hewes's rather bleak take on the prospects for UK construction suggests that the industry is heading for a fairly prolonged recession taking ...