Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert HPM dual-circuit chilled water cooling unit. Its two independent circuits result in maximum availability of air-conditioning for data centres and technological sites, which promotes flexibility and energy savings.

The chilled water cooling unit is suitable for companies that need to provide air-conditioning for buildings with extensive working areas during the daytime, but that only need to service data centre facilities at night.

The unit cools water during the working day through its primary circuit. At night it brings the second circuit into play with a smaller chiller, generating energy savings.

Electronically commutated fans can also be used to continuously regulate the flow of air, which reduces input power absorption.

It is possible for the two circuits to operate simultaneously, for example, whenever additional peaks of heat are generated at technological sites.

The units have a cooling capacity range of 20-120 kW per circuit.

The product also comes with an iCOM control system that connects directly to the infrastructure’s ethernet network, enabling the units to communicate and synchronise, which improves efficiency efficiency.

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