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    Private housing completions in England have dropped by more than half since the credit crunch


    We all know it’s been bad in house building, but sometimes you have to look at the figures again to remind yourself just how bad things have been. The release of the latest housing figures provides that reality check, as the graph below so clearly illustrates. It's been carnage ...

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    Buyers’ index suggests rapid growth in construction, how ironic


    How ironic that just as the construction industry is sucking in its tummy and preparing for savage cuts the latest survey by the buyers’ body CIPS shows some of the strongest growth experienced over the past decade. As can be seen from graph on the right the current level ...

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    Bank figures provide more jitters for the housing market


    The latest data on mortage lending from the Bank of England will do little to steady the nerves of those in the house building world. The figures show the number of approvals for house purchases on a seasonally adjusted basis has taken a dip in the first quarter of this ...

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    Official figures show construction output falling again, but devils lurk in the detail


    Construction output slumped back into decline in the final quarter of 2009, after a supposed rise out of recession in summer. That is the headline story from today’s release of the construction output figures . But dig a bit deeper and we see some unsettling implications in the numbers. Firstly ...

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    Pundits on balance point to flat house prices in 2010


    It's the time of the year for reflections, resolutions and prognostications. And what can be more fun than guessing the likely path of house prices? Well I can think of a few things. And I'm also left wondering why anyone would wish to state a house price forecast publicly and ...

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    Housing recovery is resting on happier family homes market


    The latest swathe of housing data continues to suggest a pick up both in prices and activity and the RICS November house price survey, released today, adds further weight to the case for a housing recovery. Its measures for sales, expected sales, new inquiries, new instructions, prices and expected ...

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    5 reasons why we might be facing the mother of all construction recessions


    It's coming around to the construction forecasting season again and the industry prognosticators will be gathering to discuss the ups and downs of the industry. If I were you, I'd be bracing myself for some pretty savage revisions to what already look like pretty savage forecasts . Peak to trough ...

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    Construction firms owe £30 billion to trade creditors


    I am in the midst of putting together data for the Contract Journal Construction Top 100 and there were a couple of figures I thought worth sharing that have come out of some analysis on trade debt and credit. From the number crunching I am doing I have estimated that ...