Almost all regions made improvements on the previous year, with Wales and the North-east looking the healthiest climbers. The West Midlands took the longest slide
The value of total construction output in the UK was £21.01bn in the first quarter of 2003. This was down 5% on the fourth quarter of 2002. Quarter on quarter, all the regions recorded declines except the South-east (part 1), which saw no change. The biggest fall was found in the West Midlands (-15%), followed by the North-east (-12%).

Total output was 7% higher than a year earlier. Year on year, all the regions experienced a rise in total output, except London, where it remained the same. The largest increases were recorded in Wales (+17%) and the Eastern (part 1) region (+16%).

Total new work output fell 7% quarter on quarter and rose 5% year on year. The sectoral breakdown of new work reveals that all sectors reported a decline quarter on quarter except public housing, but half the sectors saw a rise year on year. Compared with 1Q02, the private housing and public non-residential sectors recorded the largest increases (+23% and +21% respectively). Quarter on quarter, the biggest fall was in the commercial sector (-13%).

The largest regional increases in new work output quarter on quarter were recorded in Wales and the North-east (+28% and +24% respectively). The only falls were found in the South-east (part 1 and part 2) and South-west. Quarter on quarter, the West Midlands took the biggest tumble, falling 15%.

Total repair and maintenance work was down 3% compared with the fourth quarter of 2002 and up 9% on 1Q02. All sectors experienced growth year on year, but only one did so quarter on quarter. Only three regions experienced a rise in R&M output over both periods, and they were the East Midlands, the South-east (part 1) and Scotland.