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  • The solid facade of Plantation Place, viewed  here from Great Tower Street, illustrates a possible solution to meeting the new Part L

    Cost model: Office design


    After a few belt-tightening years, the City of London’s commercial sector is on the up again. In this cost model, Davis Langdon and Mott Green Wall examine the current market and recent advances in office design – and break down the costs of a high-quality, mid-rise City scheme

  • The MoD’s £2bn single-living accomodation module (SLAM) programme makes extensive use of volumetric units

    Cost model: Off-site manufacture


    The market for off-site manufacture is expanding rapidly, boosted as it is by public sector investment programmes. Davis Langdon looks at the cost benefits, barriers to innovation and procurement issues involved in OSM

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    Ridge breaks down the costs of getting your recreational building to comply with access laws – and Davis Langdon keeps you up-to-date on the latest flooring prices

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    Tender price forecast: London lags behind


    London’s office developers are in hibernation and are likely to remain so for at least another year. This is dampening inflation in the capital – but in other areas, such as Wales and north-west England, the market is booming and costs are rising. Davis Langdon & Everest presents the big ...

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    Cost model: PFI hospitals


    Capital investment is pouring into the NHS and the prognosis for improved performance is good. In this month’s cost model examine the aims of the hospital programme, probe design issues, and break down the price of adding a trauma unit to an existing hospital

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    Cost model: Urban design and infrastructure


    Proposals for new communities in the South-east, and the redevelopment of existing urban sites will require large-scale investment in site infrastructure. In this month’s cost model, we examine the cost and value drivers associated with infrastructure and site amenities

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    Cost model: Offices


    Sustainability issues are rapidly rising up the corporate agenda. We consider the impact of sustainability measures on commercial buildings and reveal that going green need not cost the earth

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    Cost update: August 2003


    We make our quarterly inspection of inflation in the industry, and find that it's chugging along at the 1-2% mark – but there is a 23% wage rise for craftsmen in the pipeline and the cost of some works packages are rising rapidly. Hot Rates focuses on claddings and coverings

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    Tender price forecast: Varied prospects


    London is feeling the pinch as the office market dries up, but prospects are good in many of the regions. The first quarter’s decline in output does not spell doom and gloom, but housebuilders and the public sector will hold the purse strings

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    Tender price forecast: All good, bar London


    Tender prices and workload are to continue to grow in the country as a whole, despite the consequences of the invasion of Iraq. But, as we point out, the outlook is not so good in the capital, where an ailing office market has caused a slump in work output.

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    Specialist costs: Office fit-out


    Although demand for new-build office space has plummeted in the past two years, one particular office sector is active and competitive. In this model, Davis Langdon & Everest, services cost consultant Mott Green & Wall and property tax specialist NBW Crosher & James examine the falling costs of fit-out

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    Cost update: March 2003


    We focus on the cost of brick and blockwork, glances at the latest materials price changes and works out how much to pay a sparks

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    Tender price forecast: Haze across the horizon


    With a war looming, shares prices plummeting and the office market in London freezing, it’s all but impossible to know what will happen next. But building tender prices and workload are still likely to continue their steady rise

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    Cost model: High-rise housing refurbishment


    The government is reappraising the UK’s social housing in order to meet its decent homes target by 2010. Here, Davis Langdon & Everest examines the costs, key issues and associated problems of refurbishing a tower block

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    Tender price forecast: Remaining immune


    The UK stock market slumped in May and then launched itself on a rollercoaster ride. But this hasn’t affected building tender prices or new orders, which on the whole are continuing their inexorable rise. Davis Langdon & Everest explains why, and what will happen next

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    Cost model: 21st-century university building


    The government wants 50% of 18-30-year-olds to be educated to degree level by 2010, and expects universities to compete in international research markets. So what buildings are required to help meet these objectives? In its latest cost model, Davis Langdon & Everest examines the 21st-century university building

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    Cost model: Tall buildings


    Despite the fate of the World Trade Centre, developer interest in tall buildings hasn’t diminished – and will increase if the mayor’s plan for London is put into effect. Here Davis Langdon & Everest, Arup and Mott Green and Wall summarise the key issues and examine the costs of building ...

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    Tender price forecast: Back on track


    Despite a dip in orders at the end of last year, the sector is back on track with new workload spurred by generous infrastructure spending, reports Davis Langdon & Everest – but resourcing problems may undermine the sector’s attempts to sustain current levels of output

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    Cost model: Hotel refurbishment


    Despite sharp drops in profitability over the past year, hotel operators continue to invest heavily in refurbishment. In this quarter’s cost model, Davis Langdon & Everest examines the key elements and challenges of hotel refurbishment, giving detailed costs for guest rooms and front-of-house areas

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    Cost update: May 2002


    This quarter, Davis Langdon & Everest examines preliminaries percentages of four case studies, plus the latest price change information for labour and materials, including the first effects of the new aggregates levy