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  • John Montague

    Just the job


    John Montague exchanged life at a billion-pound turnover contractor for a career in charitably funded ‘social enterprise’.

  • The team photo of those who took part in the groundbreaking planning weekend back in 1993
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    The dreams that didn’t come true


    Thirty years ago, the closure of London docks ripped out West Silvertown’s heart. Twelve years ago, architect John Thompson and the residents imagined a dramatic plan to put it back. Two weeks ago, the architect went with Elaine Knutt to find out what happened to that vision. Tim Foster took ...

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    Changing track


    Elaine Knutt reports on a new diploma that is luring frustrated graduates into construction …

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    ‘Protected views’ guidance could hit landmark schemes


    Planning guidance issued by mayor’s office to protect London monuments could restrict size of new buildings

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    What the 50 most influential people in regeneration really think about the government, its policies and each other (RDAs may want to look away now )


    The six promises with which Tony Blair launched the Labour party’s unofficial general election campaign may have sounded strangely familiar to anyone who has ever signed up to the “high level objectives” of a regeneration scheme.

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    But seriously ...


    What makes MIPIM such an industry must-do? Elaine Knutt explains why it’s not just the champagne and canapés that keep people coming back

  • An exuberant basket of steel and glass proclaims the new artistic presence in Osaka city centre

    Artistic Bent


    Cesar Pelli’s Japanese art museum may be modest in its demands on space and energy but it comes with a magnificent sculpted steel entrance.

  • Gary Walker

    Walker’s big score


    The thing is, there must be 50 ways to screw up a £1bn project, and if you can think of 25 of them, you’re a genius. We talk to a man who’s trying to do even better than that …

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    The doorman's advice


    Roy Wakeman, the new chairman of the Construction Confederation, has come from the bottom of the industry's supply chain – so he's had a good view of where it's failing, and how it can improve.

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    Robert Ashmead


    The House Builders Federation may have softened its antagonistic approach to negotiations, says Elaine Knutt, but since president Robert Ashmead roared on to the scene on his Harley Davidson six months ago, you know it still has attitude.

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    How to survive a merger


    The past year has seen construction swept by mergers and takeovers. If it happens to you, what are your rights – and how can you hold on to your job?

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    How old?


    You don't have to exile yourself to the potting shed when you reach 50. More and more people are discovering that their services are required long after that – or even returning to work after finding retirement isn't for them. Elaine Knutt reports on the triumph of the third age

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    The contenders


    Meet Gus Robinson, Jane Briginshaw and Bernard Bateman, three construction professionals who have put their careers on hold to stand for election. Can they beat the heavyweight opposition?

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    Idea hunter


    David Adjaye is architecture's latest rising star. His controversial Elektra House scandalised fellow architects but it hasn't deterred the celebrity clients. So what is he doing right?

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    Mike Welton


    Balfour Beatty has been lambasted for Hatfield, undervalued by the City and dubbed the "the worst scum of capitalism". Here's how its chief executive is answering the critics.

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    Tim Walker


    Prescott's site safety summit is only four days away, so it's no wonder the new boss of the Health and Safety Executive has his attention firmly fixed on construction.

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    QSs line up for place on Railtrack supplier list


    More than 40 firms compete for second-generation framework agreements worth £100m over five years.

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    Millennium Village line-up revealed


    Four shortlisted to become development partner on Manchester village as government sets new targets for reducing substandard housing.

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    Wessex man


    Rab Bennetts' headquarters for Wessex Water set a new mark for low-energy buildings, but how can this standard become standard practice? Well, actually, it's perfectly simple …

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    New blow to Jarvis as finance director quits


    Another high-profile departure as Bill Colvin leaves five months after taking up role.