Council to raise awareness of key issues

The Electrical Safety Council is set to create an integrated strategy to combat counterfeit and non-compliant products.

It is estimated that £30m worth of counterfeit electrical products reach the UK each year, with up to 15% of the world trade thought to be comprised of counterfeit goods which, in a number of cases, is linked to the financing of other criminal activity.

ESC recently hosted a roundtable debate on counterfeit and sub-standard electrical installation products. A report of the event will soon be made available on the ESC website.

The roundtable – which was attended by senior representatives from central government, enforcement agencies and the electrical installation industry – is seen as a major step in creating an integrated strategy to combat counterfeit and non-compliant products.

Actions arising from the event will see the Electrical Safety Council developing a range of campaigns to raise awareness of key issues and act as the primary coordinator on counterfeit products for the sector.

“Counterfeit products in the electrical sector are becoming increasingly prevalent,” explained Phil Buckle, director general of the Electrical Safety Council. “Although the legislative framework for dealing with this problem is regarded as fit for purpose, the issue is about its implementation.

“We need to consider how we can best work collectively to address areas of specific concern – in particular the growing trade of counterfeit goods over the internet, and issues in relation to the CE safety mark – as well as the need for the industry to present consistent, co-coordinated messages.”