The Environment Agency claims that its new corporate office has achieved the highest score ever awarded by the BRE.

The agency’s Bristol office achieved a score of 85.06% under BREEAM 2006 and claims that the building is the “greenest office development in the UK.”

The building uses rainwater harvesting, intelligent lighting systems, and natural ventilation. It includes a ground source heat pump to reduce heating and cooling costs. Recycled materials were also used during the building’s construction.

The Environment Agency is now urging other UK organisations, and developers, to follow its example by developing office buildings which reduce their impact on the environment, whilst saving resources and costs.

Paul Leinster, chief executive of the Environment Agency said: “This achievement demonstrates how organisations can work with developers to build exceptional offices which meet their needs whilst reducing their impact on the environment. By relocating to a more efficient building the Environment Agency will save around 10% every year on operational and energy costs, an estimated £180,000 saving per year.”

There are only three other office buildings in the UK ever to achieve a score greater than 80% under BREEAM 2006.