The Environment Agency’s new corporate office in Bristol has achieved the highest BREEAM 2006 rating yet awarded

Its score of 85.06% was achieved under BREEAM 2006 (no office buildings have yet been rated under BREEAM 2008) so it is the greenest office development in the UK, the EA claims.

The city centre building has rainwater harvesting, intelligent lighting systems, natural ventilation and a ground source heat pump. Recycled materials were used during construction.

Hoare Lea was the services engineer for the project.

EA chief executive Paul Leinster said: “By relocating to a more efficient building the agency will save around 10% every year on operational and energy costs, an estimated £180,000 saving per year.”

EA staff now scattered across three sites will begin moving into the new office late next year, with official opening of the building in April 2011.

The agency’s 6500m2 office is part of a mixed scheme by developer Westmark which includes 78 apartments and a second, smaller office development.