Safety specialist branches out to offer remedial repair service

Epsilon Test Services has launched a new division specialising in remedial electrical repair services.

The electrical safety specialist now supplies a full service from periodic electrical safety testing through to the repair of any faults found.

Managing director Mark Blanchfield said: “We want to help our clients achieve compliance to required safety standards and realised that testing formed only part of the process.

“Our new division can undertake any electrical remedial work and this means a streamlined process for our customers, plus cost efficiency and avoidance of delays when immediate repairs are practical.”

A quotation for remedial repairs is automatically generated at the time a test client’s report is supplied – usually within five days for periodic fixed installation testing. This quotation allows the buyer to either place an order, or can be used as a guide price against which to assess competitive quotes and tenders.

The service is based on a standard tariff by fault type and Epsilon reports that a number of customers have signed pre-plan agreements with a set budget for remedial work per site to be done immediately following testing. This arrangement leads to efficiency savings as engineers can achieve more during a single visit plus avoid disruption by repeat visits to smaller sites.