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    Buyers and sellers abandon the housing market


    And that’s bad news for house building numbers

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    Why falling mortgages approval are spooking housing market watchers


    The latest figures from the Bank of England showing the number of mortgage approvals at a nine month low have caused a bit of a stir and increased talk of a double dip in the housing market.Here’s a few reasons why.There is a historic link between the number of mortgage ...

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    If 2008 was bad for the housing market, 2009 looks much worse


    There are plenty of scary figures in the latest forecast from the Council of Mortgage Lenders not least the expectation that half a million homeowners will fall into arrears.The expectation that 75,000 homes will be repossessed by mortgage lenders is pretty scary too, especially as this in practice would mean ...

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    A bad time for house prices to go negative


    Nationwide released its latest house price figures today showing the a 1.1 per cent rise over the past 12 months. However, it also revised its forecast for 2008 down from no change to an overall fall.This will please neither estate agents nor house builders as they put Easter behind them ...