As reported in the Guardian, new figures have suggested that Coca Cola has a lower carbon footprint than the Innocent brand of smoothies, sparking debate over the merits of sustainability over seemingly lower emissions.

In a report compiled by the Carbon Trust for Coca Cola it was revealed that a single 330ml can of Coke has a carbon footprint of 170g C02, while a 250ml bottle of mango and passion fruit smoothie by Innocent has a footprint of 209g.

However a small glass bottle of Coke had a footprint of 360g, much worse that the worst scoring Innocent smoothie (230g).

Innocent has argued that the comparison between a fruit drink and one made mostly of water is unfair, and has called for a carbon calorie counter.

Their proposal is a personal carbon calorie allowance of 2,900g C02 each day, per person. The company claims that a single smoothie would use 1% of that total.

Top brands are under intense pressure to meet consumer demand for greener products, services and to cut costs.