Broadcasting House win allows Bovis Lend Lease to dominate December's chart – and the league for 2002.
Clinching the £100m contract for BBC's Broadcasting House refurbishment put Bovis Lend Lease at the top of the pile for 2002. With 18 contract wins worth more than £1bn, it was well ahead of second place Skanska.

The BBC job also helped Bovis to equal first for December, although this time it was joined by Mace, which won a £100m contract for a Wellcome Trust research and development unit.

The importance of government work for the industry is evident in the yearly client league. Health, defence and the Home Office were the first, third and fourth most valuable clients respectively, dishing out 247 contracts between them.

In the architects' yearly league, major signature architects performed solidly, with Foster, Farrell, Hopkins and Alsop all in the top 20.

  • Figures in brackets indicate last month's position.
  • To qualify, firms must have been identified on two or more projects fitting the following criteria in the past 12 months. Project must: be of precisely calculated or confirmed value; have reached the main contract award stage; be valued at £1m or more; be in the UK. Residential, civil engineering or overseas contracts are excluded. Student accommodation is included.