Consultants, trade contractors and the construction union describe their relationship with CWC

“UCATT has a very good relationship with Canary Wharf Contractors – although we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. When the CIS [construction industry scheme] came into force, CIS4 workers were entitled to holiday pay but many of the subcontractors weren’t complying. We went to CWC, which made the firms pay their workers.

“CWC also helped us set up an office. They supplied us with computers and a barge rent-free, right next door to the tower so that we could represent our members on site.

“Together with ourselves, the TUC and Lewisham College, CWC helped to set up a training centre, which won The Times Educational Supplement Award in 2004 for widening participation. It is a true partnership and is working exceptionally well.”
Chris Tiff, regional organiser, UCATT

“We have found Canary Wharf Contractors professional, enthusiastic and very ambitious about everything they do. They gel the team together well and we always had a good, open relationship with them and their professional consultants.

“The people we have worked with have been first-class guys, but very demanding. We are proud to have been associated with Canary Wharf Contractors and the work we have done together. Our only regret is that we came to the wharf quite late and have only done three jobs for them.”
David Taylor, managing director, building services contractor Axima

“We have long been associated with the development of Canary Wharf, having constructed the piles that support the original tower. We have had a presence on the wharf more or less continuously for the past four years and we look forward to working with the CWC team again.”
Martin Pratt, managing director, piling contractor Bachy Soletanche

“It is one of the finest developments in the world. The great thing about Canary Wharf is that it is true to itself and has been built without any shortcuts. It is pure quality in its own terms. But for Canary Wharf, the idea of a super, high-density estate in London would have been unthinkable and it has changed the office world and the way people view commercial developments. It is an extraordinary achievement.”
Richard Saxon, former chairman, Building Design Partnership

“Logistical planning is one of the key factors in successful high-rise construction. Canary Wharf Contractors’ experience in this field is unparalleled. Its extensive knowledge of the processes involved has enabled us to maintain continuity between design, production and installation activities.

“As CWC is both the client and the contractor, it is able to manage effectively the relationships between the architect, design team and contractors. Where difficulties arise in the decision-making process, it acts quickly to resolve issues through team effort, rather than adopting an accusational approach.

“CWC understands the needs of its subcontractors. It maintains effective working relationships by ensuring timely agreement of valuations and variations.”
Giancarlo Iovino, managing director, cladding contractor Permasteelisa

“One Churchill Place has been a tremendous success for Schindler. A large part of this success is due to excellent co-operation with the Canary Wharf project team and its willingness to drive and to accommodate a new approach to installing lifts.

“We saw an opportunity to play a significant role in what was a highly innovative approach to very rapid construction. Our challenge was to achieve early completion of lifts for use in the construction programme and to be in front of the other trade packages so we weren’t the last trade contractor on site. CWC’s ability to facilitate and co-ordinate other trades was the key not only to our success but also to the success of the building project.

“CWC is well known for producing superior-quality office space and, on this project, it achieved a high-quality building in record time.”
Trevor Perry, director – new equipment, lift manufacturer/installer Schindler

“Canary Wharf Contractors has been a valued client of ours for many years and we hope we will have the opportunity to be involved with it in the future. It’s always a pleasure to work with like-minded people.”
Ray O’Rourke, chief executive, Laing O’Rourke