Bovis' care of its workers' wellbeing landed it first place in this category, sponsored by Mace
Bovis Lend Lease: Plantation Place
A bit of realism from this contracting giant has benefited workers on the Plantation Place site immeasurably.

Recognising that statistically male site workers are higher in number and less likely to address health issues than women, and concerned for the wellbeing of operatives working away from home and without access to their usual doctor, Bovis set up the Wellman Clinic. At first the clinic got a predictably cool and slightly suspicious reception. But once a few had chanced it, having been reassured of confidentiality, word spread and soon almost all of the site operatives felt able to go in for regular health checks. The Wellman Clinic is still going strong – as are the workers on Plantation Place.

This scheme picked up the gaps in health provision that affect many site staff, who are often too busy to go to their doctors

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