Boris Johnson pays tribute to air conditioning at the HVAC's bash at the Natural History museum.

The Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association last night held its centenary dinner in the presence of a typically eccentric Boris Johnson and a large dinosaur skeleton.

Guest speaker Johnson entertained the party of diners in London’s Natural History museum with his after-dinner speech, which included a seemingly random description of a dead sheep and a tribute to “those who gave us air conditioning”.

The shadow arts minister’s toast followed an address by HVCA President Michael Taylor, who highlighted the association’s growing commitment to sustainable building.

He said that the organisation must support and encourage initiatives designed to maximise energy efficiency and counter the greenhouse effect.

The surroundings tempted Taylor into making one or two reptilian metaphors. “Extinction," he said, "is not a fate we want to share with the dinosaurs”. As a Tory MP Boris would probably say amen to that.