Alcohol friendly public benches complete with bins and ash trays have been installed in Old Street, London

It’s heartening to see that the architects regenerating the Old Street area of London are not just concerning themselves with ultra-fashionable apartment blocks for those City folk who want to be able to walk to work.

Husband and wife team Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu have designed a set of special benches – complete with ash trays and bins – to be built near the station entrance, so that local dipsomaniacs can congregate under the trees in comfort. The benches have been positioned under the branches that, after strict analysis, where found to be least-favoured by pooping pigeons.

Tonkin and Liu told the Islington Tribune that: “Some people would like to see the street drinkers go but just because you drink on the street doesn't mean you're dangerous. We want them to feel good in a place that is right for them.” The benches are surrounded by a low wall, which, according to your viewpoint, affords drinkers a little privacy, or keeps them out of the sight of the genteel Islington residents.

But while some may be raising their cans of Special Brew to the installation, others are not impressed. “There is enough anti-social behaviour as it is without encouraging places where people can sit and drink,” said Alcohol Concern’s Sophie Danson.