Big Blok cavity closers from Cavalok Building Products have been specified on the Minehead Eye youth and community centre for their ability to span a 300mm cavity

As part of the building’s environmentally responsive design, it incorporates a wide cavity to incorporate a greater thickness of insulation and help achieve low U-values.

The BBA accredited cavity closers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PVCu and include 200mm of EPS insulation and thermal breaks.Unlike the wall itself, cavity closers are not subject to U-value calculations; however, with a full band of insulation the Big Blok system exceeds the latest accredited construction details requirement of 0.45W/m2K, complementing wall designs with U-values lower than 0.15W/m2K. The Big Blok cavity closer range allows the closing of cavities between 125mm and 300mm.

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