Part A: Structures
Consultation on amending this section took place in 2001 and the part on disproportionate collapse has been rewritten. However, the events of 11 September have meant that this section has come under intense scrutiny, which has delayed the publication. Expect new guidance late in the year.

Part B: Fire safety
This document was revised last month to incorporate the European standards on materials testing and will come into effect in March 2003. Some materials may perform less well under the new tests than under current British Standard tests – specifiers beware.

Part C: Site preparation and dampproofing
Consultation on amending this document is taking place at the moment; the deadline for comments is 10 March. Proposed changes relating to contaminated land include applying protective measures to all changes of use to residential purposes and will include the land associated with buildings – such as the garden. Guidance on the weather resistance of the building envelope has been expanded. Expected changes late in 2003.

Part E: Acoustic insulation
This regulation has just been revised, and will come into effect in July this year. Hostels, hotels and student accommodation will be included, and the insulation level for walls and floors between dwellings has been increased.

Part F: Ventilation
A review is due to start, and consultation will take place towards the end of the year.

Part M: Disabled access
This regulation is being amended to bring it into line with the final phase of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and will draw heavily on the newly launched BS 8300:2001. Newly built and altered public and commercial buildings will have to provide facilities such as automatic doors and lifts. The amended regulation is expected to come into effect later this year.

Part P: Electrical safety
Consultation on electrical work in dwellings finished in September. Changes are unlikely before 2004.

Part T: Electronic communications
Consultation will begin later this year. The aim would be to impose controls and standards on the installation of electrical and data systems.