Code Level 6: Is it pricing zero carbon out of the market?

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  • Topic 1

How much does compliance with the code add to the cost of a new home?

  • Topic 2

Will the cost of code level 6 homes decrease as housebuilders become more experienced at building them?

  • Topic 3

What is the impact of the increased cost of a code-compliant home on the housing market?


Thomas Lane, Technical Editor, Building


Neil Jefferson, Zero Carbon Hub

Chief Executive of the Zero Carbon Hub, the organisation charged with monitoring and facilitating delivery of low and zero carbon homes

Cliff Fudge, Technical Director, H+H

Cliff Fudge is Technical Director of H+H, joining the company in 1982 on completing his Civil Engineering Degree.

Mark Oliver, Managing Director, H+H

A Civil Engineer by training, Mark spent five years as a management consultant specialising in strategy and organization with McKinsey and Co.

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