Steel and copper prices have gone through the roof, so specifiers face a test of their mettle. Peter Fordham of quantity surveyor Davis Langdon breaks down the costs of metal roofing
After a series of steep rises over the last two years world metal prices finally peaked in March/April this year. Since late summer 2003 cash prices for copper and lead more than doubled while zinc and aluminium prices rose by nearly 50%. Prices have eased since April but remain much higher than for many years.

Prices of metals bought 15 or 27 months in advance on the metal exchange never quite reached the same peaks as metal that was paid for upfront, as the price of metals brought ahead tend to be less volatile.

The increases in prices of copper, lead and aluminium on the metal exchange have been reflected in the price paid by purchasers of metal roofing products. Steel, which is not quoted on the exchange, has faced similar price hikes since the beginning of this year as a result of the world steel shortage.

The table of comparative roofing costs examines current costs of composite and metal roof coverings.

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