Aura Corporation has provided an Actulite polarised daylight lighting system to classrooms at Alderwood Pupil Referral School in Ipswich, a school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

The Actulite polarised daylight lighting was chosen to enhance the classroom environment by creating artificial illumination with the spectral energy distribution and light polarisation characteristics of natural daylight.

Full spectrum fluorescent lighting is a form of light that increases motivation and improves attendance by promoting a sense of wellbeing among pupils, claims the company. Actulite uses patented multi-layer light polarising panels, high-frequency control gear and specifically manufactured 6500k full spectrum triphosphor fluorescent tubes which eliminate the yellow content and the symptoms of conventional lighting that cause eyestrain, visual stress and headaches.

A total of 48 Actulite Signature 5ft twin tube luminaires from the Actulite Smoothline range have been used on the project. The fittings are mounted on internally welded studs leaving a flat exterior with no visible external fixings or holes, making Actulite products beneficial for use in projects that involve people with behavioural disorders.

Aura Corporation