Contractor hopes new comedy series will bring down the house and get commissioned for the small screen.

Demolition contractor Howard Stott tells anecdotes that are legendary among his friends and family. And they could, one day, be retold in pubs and offices around the country as he bids to turn them into a primetime TV comedy drama that is being piloted at next month at the Hollywood Park cinema complex in Burnley.

Stott worked on the 30-minutes show ‘Demolition Dave’ with ex-Brookie actor John MacArdle. He wrote, co-produced and stars in the programme, alongside Tony Booth, the prime minister’s father-in-law.

Stott describes that the fictional family business at the centre of the show, run by Dave Dott, “is oblivious to the law. ” The plots are based on his own experiences in the business, but he adds that he has used “journalistic licence" for some scenes – one hopes that it has been used more liberally in the episodes in which collapsing chimneys flatten factories and petrol stations are set alight.