Planning approvals
Scottish planning approvals are soaring compared with April's 617, whereas numbers in the South-east have unexpectedly plummeted from 796 last month. Wales is gradually coming back with an eight-fold increase

This data is provided by Glenigan, the development monitoring service. More than 10,000 new UK housing projects are tracked by Glenigan and this information is used by housebuilders to quickly spot new sites and to identify potential land sales as soon as they become available. For details contact Marcus Oughton, projects editor: For a FREE TRIAL to Glenigan's service visit:
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New-build completions
In May, registrations were up but completions were down month-on-month for both private housebuilders and housing associations. Social housing providers are up on this time last year, though. And all that new-build in the South-east should be keeping Prescott happy …

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NHBC statistics are derived from NHBC registered builders, who build approximately 85% of new homes throughout the UK. NHBC provides detailed, up-to-date bulletins on new home construction through its quarterly statistics booklets. For further information visit the website at

Buyer demand
SmartNewHomes reports that the buying market for penthouses is dropping rapidly, but more and more terraced homes are needed.

A trend that could continue if those interest rates creep ever upwards …

Methodology The New Homes Demand Index is based on enquiries recorded on the website and records the price people are willing to pay for new homes, by region and type of property. If willingness to pay is increasing, then clearly demand for new homes is improving and this is likely to lead to higher realised prices and better deals for housebuilders. The Demand Index also tracks migration between regions. By subtracting the number of users based in a region from the number of searches in that region, one gets a net balance that reflects an overall propensity to move out of or into a region. is a registered subsidiary of Smart Media Services, a marketing business working exclusively within the residential property sector. With more than 5,000 new homes from more than 1,600 developments on line, the site represents the largest database of individual new homes on the internet. currently attracts more than 400,000 visits a month.