Get organised with Memo Mouse. With a slot for written messages and the capability to record voice messages, it looks cute and will help you meet all those deadlines. Available for £19.99, from

Become more popular with a Massaging Pen. Also a great little stress beater, this gizmo writes like a normal pen, but turn it around and give you or colleagues an instant massage. Priced £15.99, from

Traipsing over to the office’s water dispenser can be a bore, so get yourself a desktop version.

The Desktop Water Dispenser holds the recommended daily water consumption and is small enough to fit on your desk. It’s £14.95, from

Embarrassed by the awful ring tone of your mobile? The Mobile Sensor Pen discretely flashes a light to let you know when your phone is ringing. It’s particularly useful in open-plan offices. Priced £10.95, from

Keep your cool with a desktop air-conditioner. Ideal for these warm summer months, this little invention works almost silently and will keep you looking fresh. £19.99, from