Speed Bureaucracies can take years to implement change, but a small business can make changes in minutes. They are constantly adapting and are able to make the most of opportunities as they appear. The small business is able to react speedily to the demands of customers without battling through organisational layers.

Structure With their ear to the ground and the ability to try new ideas and meet fresh faces, small businesses can constantly innovate and evolve. New organisations can be formed through the joining of specialist teams to give a unique service.

Place Mobility and responsiveness are essential to keep up with the competition. Small businesses can be remotely operated and work wherever necessary in order to fulfil the needs of clients.

Personal By being small you can retain the personal touch with your clients. Their input and feedback can be the best advice you have, make the most of it and be sure your delivery highlights what is important to them. The cheapest way to win new work is by recommendation or repeat business.

Destiny Every employee in a small business shares in the highs and lows while feeling an important part of success. Their exposure means that they are able to cross role boundaries easily, assisting in all elements of running the business.