Marketing: An Introductory Test
by Martin Christopher and Malcolm McDonald Palgrave, £17.50

This easy-to-read paperback covers the basics of marketing and introduces some useful jargon.

Success Strategies for Design Professionals
by Weld Coxe, Nina Hartung, Hugh Hochberg, Brian Lewis, David Maister, Robert Mattox and Peter Piven
Krieger Publishing, £34

This book is a great analysis of how consultants, and specifically design firms, can use marketing and business strategies. It offers a blueprint for differentiating your firm from the competition.

The Circle of Innovation
by Tom Peters Hodder & Stoughton, £20

US management guru Peters focuses on how service and design can differentiate a business. But although he makes excellent points, most British readers will hate the business speak.

True Professionalism
by David Maister Simon and Schuster, £9.99

If you are in any area of professional service, you should read everything Maister writes. This book challenges management to be more "professional" in looking after staff and clients.

Competing for the Future
by Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad
Harvard Business School Press, £22.99

Hamel and Prahalad are probably the best strategic thinkers of the past decade. This collaboration provides insights into how your clients think about the future.