Building visited Sainsbury's eco-store in Greenwich and asked members of the public how green they were.
My husband is keen on energy-saving light bulbs and I buy green products such as recycled kitchen roll. We're not so good at recycling because bottles and newspapers take up space.
Sally Davis

We're looking into getting solar panels for our house at the moment, as we've seen houses in London with them. We buy energy-saving light bulbs and use candles rather than artificial lighting. We feed leftovers to the ducks.
Rita and Jean Deenmamode

Tower Hamlets (my local authority) should offer to collect paper and bottles from home for recycling. The service isn't encouraging at the moment.
Jenny Beer

I don't do anything green in my house and there are no buildings in my local area that are green.
Malachy Bingham, builder

I recycle old bottles and use low-voltage light bulbs, which also save money. I heard that Sainsbury's was green, but no other green buildings spring to mind.
Vince Love