Clean the windows
Natural light is good for your health. The cleaner your windows, the more your employees will benefit from the streams of golden sunlight that will pour into your office as the weather improves. Also, panes of glass covered in guano don't do much for a company's image.

Change your screensavers
It gets tiresome looking at the same screensaver umpteen times a day for months on end. Even those multicoloured pipes that shoot around the screen lose their attraction after a while. Check out for a picture of a kitten, or possibly an F-16 fighter-bomber.

Add some plants
A bit of greenery gives an office a healthy, organic ambience and breaks the arid monotony of computer screens, desks and storage units. But don't forget to water your plants – dying leaves are bad for morale.

Throw things out
Admit it – your office is full of stuff you don't need. Even if you sweep it off your desk and into a filing cabinet, it's still there. You're better off saving physical and mental space by getting rid of it altogether.

Clean your monitor
Office-based workers spend several hours a day staring at their computer. That can't be helped, but the least you can do is make sure you can see something through the centimetres of electrostaticly deposited dust.