The Miller Group is the official provider of training tops for Olympic hopeful Chris Hoy

The Olympics may be the biggest sporting event on the calendar, but that’s not reflected in the salaries of its participants. While Premiership footballers easily command £50,000-a-week the typical Olympian has to scrape by on lottery grants, part-time income and handouts from mum and dad.

With the Athens Olympics only days away it’s nice to know that one construction company is doing its bit to support our sportsmen

The Miller Group housebuilding firm is sponsoring the training kit of one of the UK's leading cyclists. Not disgraced near-namesake David Millar who has just been handed a two-year doping ban, but Chris Hoy, a sliver medallist at the Sydney Games in 2000.

Miller Group won’t reveal how much they’ve spent on Hoy’s training togs, but the Scottish rider is grateful for the Edinburgh-based firm’s support. “It’s great to have the support of everyone at Miller. Knowing that people are behind you is encouraging and I hope it brings me even more success,” said Hoy.

Hoy’s cycling track competition starts on August 20. With Hoy well-placed for gold in the 1Km time trial and team sprint, The Miller Group's modest investment in the cycling clobber could be a very shrewd PR move.