Safety training guides
The CITB has released three CD-ROMs aimed at those responsible for safety training. A Guide to Scaffold Inspection: Check Your Ties and Braces gives advice on the safe planning and installation of scaffolding, including alloy towers.

Health and Safety in Excavations: Check Before You Dig looks at the risks of excavating and how to overcome them. It includes methods of supporting excavations and practical measures to ensure the safety of those working near them.

Asbestos: The Indestructible Killer examines the three different types of asbestos, where they are found and the health problems they cause.

Height risk management
Shorco Safety has launched a brochure entitled Managing Height Safety that looks at the relevant legislation covering working at height. It lists a range of solutions and details the training courses run by the company on height safety.
Shorco Safety

Reducing sound transmission
BRE has published an information paper called Reducing Impact and Structure-Borne Sound in Buildings. It looks at ways of reducing sound transmission through floors at the design stage and how to reduce sound transmission in existing buildings. It also considers ways of reducing noise from other sources including banging doors, plumbing and kitchen appliances.

Guide to sedum roof coverings
Corus has published a brochure called A Breath of Fresh Air describing their Kalzip lightweight sedum roof-covering system. The package includes a special lightweight aggregate planted with sedum, which are claimed to reach maturity in under a year. Corus' brochure describes the claimed benefits of the system, such as improved thermal and acoustic performance and reduced rainwater run-off.

Developing contaminated land
The British Urban Regeneration Association is launching a National House Building Council and the RICS sponsored guide to the assessment and development of contaminated land. The publication, Breaking New Ground, looks at the technical, planning, legal and regulatory issues concerning site investigation, remediation and the development of contaminated land.