Ever wondered what construction couples really think of each other? Do partners who live and work together have a better insight into each other's personalities? We put seven relationships to the test in Building's version of the 1970s supertacky TV quiz show Mr & Mrs …
Is romance alive and well in the construction industry? With Valentine's day imminent Building attempted to answer this vital question. We picked a selection of lovebirds who work in the industry and tested their knowledge of their respective partners, using the template of the classically naff 1970s quiz-show Mr & Mrs. For those who don't remember the show, or who have blotted it out, married couples were asked questions by smooth talking host Derek Batey: one partner answered while their other half was holed up in a booth with headphones. Their answers were then compared.

Without a booth and tacky scenery, we gave each of our industry couples a list of 10 questions. Both had to answer for their partners, and their responses were then marked by the other half (hopefully truthfully). We also decided to assess the answers, not only for accuracy but also for entertainment value (the Building love-o-meter, if you will) to come up with an overall mark.

All a bit of harmless fun, of course, but to give proceedings a competitive edge we offered the winning couple a magnum of champagne; the rest have to make do with a box of chocolates.

Love-o-meter score

Matthew & Carolyn - 9 stars
These two certainly didn’t pull any punches. Matthew was not a happy chappy when viewing Carolyn’s assessment of his people skills. He also gave her 0/10 for his irritating traits. Oops. Carloyn was a little more generous, although take note Matthew – she doesn’t like apple pie (crème caramel is better). We love this couple. If honesty is the best policy in a relationship this stroppy duo must have one of the best. A magnum of champagne is on its way …

David & Yusnidar - 8 stars
These two seem well suited. David fared well with his answers, although Yusnidar was miffed that he thought she wanted to start a Malaysian restaurant. “What, give up 11 years of tears and sheer hard work to open up a restaurant? Where did he hear that?” David was insulted that Yusnidar considered fish poached in milk unappetising, but was broadly impressed. We rated these pretty high especially given that David was honest enough to admit profit was highest on his agenda.

Martin & Nicky - 8 stars
I see Nicky’s memory of their first meeting stretches back a little longer than Martin’s. “I really remember it so well. I was gutted when I saw the answer,” she complains. Martin was also a little off beam on her favourite meal – he actually detailed his own. Nicki earned pretty much full marks from Martin. Overall, strong contenders.

Chris & Jan - 8 stars
This couple certainly like their nosh, don't they? Jan appears to be quite impressed with Chris’ attempts, especially when he lays it on thick when detailing her strengths (flattery will get you everywhere Chris). Meanwhile Jan kept a straight bat and was spot on with Chris’ perfect day - football, posh meal, opera. What a renaissance man he is. Well done the pair of you.

Chris & Anna - 7 stars
This couple still seem to be in the in full bloom in terms of their relationship (aah). However, we marked Chris down for being a wimp and not admitting Anna had any weaknesses. A bit too gushing for our liking …

Anthony & Samantha - 7 stars
Another good score from the architectural duo. Both scored each other nine out of 10 but seem to have swapped traditional roles a tad too far – apparently Anthony has Samantha’s tea ready when she gets back from work. Not sure he was too impressed with that. Anthony got marked down for suggesting Samantha was always right.

Mike & Rita - 7 stars
Mike rated Rita very highly on all questions but took exception to her claiming he was a keen decorator. Perhaps a little wishful thinking there, Rita. Rita was equally generous with Mike’s answers although she marked him down for claiming she was his strictest critic and that she was a workaholic. Perhaps Mike was overdoing his answers a tad. Overall a very strong couple in work and play.