Optima has provided glass and drywall partitions for law practice Halliwells’ new office in Spinningfields, Manchester.

Optima’s contracting partner, Manchester-based Supyk Interiors, constructed the private offices within the building, including a number of client meeting rooms, where confidentiality and high levels of acoustic privacy were considered paramount.

The office cross walls were constructed using Optima 97 Advanced System Drywall, featuring a deflection head capable of accommodating +/- 25mm of live load deflection.

At the perimeter, the system incorporated an abutment detail with a non-structural fix to the building facade, and provision for lateral movement of the structure under wind loads, without compromising the acoustic performance.

The cross walls incorporated a framework so the structures could be finished before freestanding storage wall units were inserted into the 97 system.

The acoustic performance of the walls was maintained using dense timber and sound-absorbing quilt within the systems’ elements.

Optima also supplied curved tracking and deflection heads into which were fitted curved glass panels and door leaves, integrated into acoustic glass fins at the junction of the cross walls.

Project: Glass and drywall partitions

Client: Halliwells

Value: L500,000-L1m

Main contractor: ISG Manchester

Architect: Sheppard Robson

Partitioning supplier: Optima