In Hamburg they used to scream at the Beatles - now it's Pilkington's turn.

Traditional funfair mirrors have been consigned to the dustbin of history. Wobbly mirrors that make you look grotesquely fat or Kate Moss thin are old hat – these days people would prefer to experience a horror maze of mirrors. Well they do in Hamburg where the latest attraction at Hamburg Dungeon is a mirror maze called the Labyrinth of the Lost.

Without bumping into mirrors visitors have to find a way out of the maze as quickly as possible. Their efforts are hampered by eerie noises and offputting "living statues".

Pilkington was proud to supply its Optifloat and Optimirror products to the spooky maze, and claimed that the air of menace was heightened by the use of its glass.

Not so scary was the claim by Pilkington that Optimirror glass is “enivronmentally friendly with copper and lead-free characteristics”. In greener than thou Germany even the City’s chamber of horrors has a sustainable specification.