A guide to 100 of the UK's leading housebuilders by industry expert Fred Wellings
Published by Building in association with RSM Robson Rhodes

Building has joined forces with housebuilding industry expert Fred Wellings to produce the Private Housebuilding Annual 2003. The Annual, which was previously published by Credit Lyonnais Securities, is the most authoritative independent survey of the UK housebuilding industry. Published in association with RSM Robson Rhodes, the report gives:

  • Fred Wellings' expert analysis of the industry and the prospects for the housing market

  • a comprehensive listing of the UK's top housebuilders - extended this year to include 100 companies.

  • the lowdown on the business performance of 100 of the UK's top housebuilders.

To order the Private Housebuilding Annual 2003, published in association with RSM Robson Rhodes, phone or email Sharon Benson on 020 7560 4031 or sharon_benson@buildergroup.co.uk