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Uniform light distribution
Uniform light distribution

The Light Projects Group has introduced a light fitting system designed to improve the uniformity of light distribution from high level. The Frame T5, designed by Australian lighting company Intralux, uses high-performance linear reflectors that focus light downwards to create uniform, natural lighting with no colour shift. Frame T5 is available in lengths ranging from 650 mm to 1250 mm.

Lights Projects Group

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Moveable wall system

Door supplier Dorma has developed a movable wall system called Moveo that combines the ability to create flexible space with good sound insulation. Dorma says it is 50% lighter than conventional movable walls because of its compact construction and use of reinforced fibreglass composite board for the outer skin. It is intended for hotels, leisure amenities and exhibition walls. The company says that Moveo's control system ensures that the partition seals automatically extend every time the system is used, which enhances sound insulation.


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Suspended spotlights

Architectural lighting company Concord:marlin has brought out a suspended support system for gimbal spotlights in retail and design-led displays. The Lyteframe system comprises an open aluminium frame that can hold up to four in-line spotlights mounted in the centre. It is possible to include a three-hour LED emergency lighting module in the four spotlight model. The company claims that Lyteframe is unique because all electronic transformers or control gear is hidden within the frame.


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Mixed-material surfaces

High-pressure laminate supplier Formica has teamed up with Unilin Décor to launch a range of surfacing materials called the Formica-Unilin MFC collection, which is designed for retail and shopfitting applications. The collection includes 80 colours and designs, which are available in melamine-faced chipboard and high-pressure laminates. Formica says the use of hard-wearing mixed materials is a cost-effective solution for the retail sector.


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Photographic stained-glass
Photographic stained-glass

Laminated glass maker T4 Design has created a range of laminated glass panels that incorporate

full colour photographic images to produce a translucent, stained-glass effect. T4 Design says the decorative laminated units, which use the Sekisui S-Lec SEF Interlayer, can withstand accidental or deliberate attempts to mar the image, making it suitable for shopfitting applications, balustrades, partitions and corporate branding.

T4 Design

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Framing system for toughened glass

Geze UK has introduced what it says is the first glass framing system suitable for use with toughened laminated glass. Called Geze MGG it has been designed to provide security benefits to the retail sector. Geze UK says toughened laminated glass is up to five times stronger than traditional float glass, so that if the glass breaks the plastic interlayer will continue to provide a barrier to intruders and elements. The fittings' visible elements are made of stainless steel and are available in a matt or polished finish.


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Intelligent CCTV

Digital security provider DigiSys has launched a surveillance system that uses what it describes as artificial intelligence technology to digitally analyse live CCTV footage for movement. The company claims that the DigiSys IQ is the first surveillance software in Europe to use Non Motion Detection technology. This enables it to detect objects placed in or removed from busy areas, regardless of constant movement in the camera's field of vision. The software is said to be ideal for busy venues such as retail parks, leisure centres and airports.


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Showroom protection

BPT Automation, a supplier of automated gates and barriers, has launched two electro-hydraulic bollards that can be used for a range of applications, including as a barrier in front of a showroom window or as protection from ram raiders. The two bollards, called Coral and Vigilo, have diameters 100 mm and 200 mm respectively. Both are available in heights of 510 mm and 810 mm. The company says their size means they can be used on sites where space is limited and conventional gates are not possible.

BPT Automation

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Soft, acoustic Wembley

Hodgson & Hodgson Group has supplied its TufSound acoustic panels for the main four internal walls of London's Wembley Arena. The company says that TufSound, which is made from expanded galvanized steel mesh with a sound-absorbing mineral wool infill, was specified because the panels absorb airborne noise and reduce reverberation. This provides a softer acoustic environment. The panels can be colour co-ordinated as part of the overall interior design.

Hodgson & Hodgson Group

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Low-energy display spotlight
Low-energy display spotlight

Ansell Lighting has launched a metal halide luminaire to provide low-energy accent lighting for shops. Ansell Lighting says the luminaire, called CDM-TC Wallwash, produces a white light that gives excellent colour rendition. Its adjustable circular shape allows it to be suitably positioned for highlighting individual products or retail displays.


Ansell Lighting

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Movers and makers

  • ecorative architectural glass supplier 10 Green Bottles has launched a website to showcase the company’s seven product ranges. These include coloured, fused, kilnformed, thick-cast, laminated, painted and sandblasted glass. The website,
    www.10-greenbottles.co.uk, displays case studies on how the company’s products can be used.
  • Interior finishes company Gradus Group has entered a joint venture with flooring company Wicanders to distribute the engineered cork and wood flooring products. Gradus says the partnership is an opportunity to diversify its flooring portfolio and break into market sectors such as retail and hospitality.
  • Haddonstone, the maker of cast-stone architectural features and landscape ornaments, has released a
    200-page catalogue, which covers the company’s range of products including copings, keystones, columns, balustrading, porticos and temples. The brochure also shows case studies such as the Marshes shopping centre in Dundalk, Ireland.
  • Wareing Buildings, which makes steel frame for purpose-built premises such as leisure and sports facilities, has relocated to Kirkham in Lancashire after its expansion. The transfer of the steel fabrication workshop will take place in the next 18 months.
  • BSI Business Information has released a revised version of standard BS 6465-1:2006 Sanitary Installations, which provides advice on the design of sanitary facilities and the recommended scale of provision of sanitary and associated appliances in new buildings and those undergoing refurbishment.
  • Stainless steel and architectural aluminium supplier Higrade Hardware has published the Higrade Vieler Catalogue 2006 to provide specifiers with information about its products. These include door and window handles and accessories, and cloakroom and bathroom accessories.
  • Playworld Systems has launched a catalogue of its complete product range of park and playground furniture. These include a steel and rope climbing
    maze and an indoor climbing wall that can be directly fixed onto existing structural walls. Playworld Systems says its products are ideal for school gymnasiums and leisure centres.